My Sweet New Life

This blog began in sadness and kind of dissolved when I got happy again.  When life is great, I would rather wallow in it than write about it.  But here is the gist:

Aeon and I had a beautiful, happy wedding attended by our favorite people, and afterwards we absconded to a charming cabin amidst redwoods, and some time after that we went to Italy and I drank limoncello by the Adriatic and Aeon told off a con artist who was stealing money from a church in Rome.

We settled into a snug apartment.

And we conceived a baby, who is due in the spring.

So that’s what’s going on with us.  My blog served its original purpose of nudging me to engage more with the world around me.  Fortunately, Aeon didn’t need much more than a nudge, being the flirty extrovert that he is.  I may revive the blog, or I may lock it up behind a “Private” setting… we’ll see.  Either way, my thanks to all of you who read and commented!

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About flirtyintrovert

I love reading blogs more than talking to people. I'm trying to change that by writing a blog.
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3 Responses to My Sweet New Life

  1. petitepaumee says:

    Congratulations, and wishes for more and more happiness :) I stumbled upon your blog a way back and have missed your thoughtful and well-written posts! Anyway, best of luck with all and thanks for giving us an update!

  2. +JMJ+

    I started one of my blogs in sadness, too, so I guess it’s a good sign that I haven’t posted there in some time. Your new life sounds not just joyful, but also beautiful! I’m very happy for you. =)

  3. Sheila says:

    Oh, do keep it up! I keep going back to your old posts here and sharing them with people.

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