The Bra Matrix – MIND BLOWN

Note that these “DD” bras are very different!

The author of the natural beauty blog “Venusian Glow” is an evangelist for correctly-fitted bras.  I always knew that a good bra was hard to find, but I didn’t know how deep my ignorance went.  Honestly, I didn’t even know what the number and letter on bras stood for, and I doubt most of my readers know either!  I have always thought of myself as a small-chested girl, and worn something like a 36A.  But according to my new calculations, I should be wearing a 30DD!  How is this possible?  The Bra Matrix posts are extremely detailed, so I’ll boil it down:

1.  The number is based on the circumference of your rib cage, measured right under your breasts.  You know, where the band of the bra goes.  The band size should be roughly equivalent to that measurement, although many fitters foul that up by telling you to “add five inches,” a relic of times when bras were made of stiff, unforgiving cloth.  The band is supposed to do 90% of the support work (not the straps!), so the band should be TIGHT.

2.  The letter is based on the ratio of your bust to your underbust.  This is what blew my mind: A, B, C is NOT small, medium, large!  We’re all hopelessly confused by guys saying they like C-cups or our memories of buying an A-cup training bra when we were twelve and quite flat-chested.  In fact, if you are a skinny little thing with small boobs the size of apples – but said boobs are perky and stick out courageously from your torso – you could be wearing a C cup or higher!

I’ve ordered a couple of bras from a Polish website – I’m excited to see if this new method of measuring works out correctly.

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2 Responses to The Bra Matrix – MIND BLOWN

  1. Ellie says:

    I was amazed to find that I was not actually an A cup… and the difference between what a 34a and 28d bra looks like was fantastic for me. The cup shape is just as important and it varies by bra size and design. barenecessities has a really great line of calvin klein bras with very small band sizes. Free shipping and returns… for what it is worth…

  2. entropy says:

    I found that going to a store that actually stocks bras over DD and trying them on was best. The bras are more expensive but for me (34 I) definitely worth it! (There’s one in Tulsa called The Bust Stop, ha!)

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